Monday, October 11, 2010

What I Think Some Parents Take For Granted.........

    The Guilt I feel for missing birthday parties, sight seeing trips, movies, and even if you can believe, "Mc Donalds Night", almost tosses me over the edge.  I HATE the fact that when my Lyme Disease is in a bad mood, and I am in so much pain that the tears running down my face feel like shards of glass ( usually with no notice at all), I miss these "Life Moments".  When I see some parents that are healthy make a conscious choice to miss these times.  These are some of the things I have heard with my own ears.  I'm not going because; "I am too tired", "I have to go grocery shopping", "I have to do the wash", and the worst of all is; "I just don't feel like going".  WHAT????  Our children are at an age where they want us to join them in these activites.   Don't they know that this is a very small window of time?  Soon they will want to do almost everything by themselves or with their friends.  Going with mommy and or daddy won't be "cool".  I would give years off my life not to miss any of these moments with my son.  I am always afraid he won't trust that his mother is a dependable person.  I cannot think of anything worse.  I am so afraid to let him down that I am afraid to make any fun plans at all.  I am angry at being at the whim of Chronic Lyme Disease.  I can never get that time with my child back. Because of this I am willing for the sixth time have a PIC line put in for the next six months.  I know it has to get worse before it get's better.  The strange thing with Lyme Disease is the worse it gets, the better your chance of getting a "remission" is.  So please, anyone who is a mostly"healthy" parent, don't worry about the wash or the cleaning, you will get it done.  Most of all, push yourselves a little harder to do as much with your children as possible.  You have no idea how very blessed you are.  I will admit, I am envious.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


~LYMEMOMMIES~: My Wish: "I am so excited to be starting this blog! My wish is to not only show and tell about my journey with Chronic Lyme Disease and how it effect..."

Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Wish

I am so excited to be starting this blog!  My wish is to not only show and tell about my journey with Chronic Lyme Disease and how it effects my relationships, especially with my beautiful son. My wish is also to connect with others, and build a trusting support group.  Let's get started!